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Ozark, rambling and clumsy

FAIL: Ozark.

Ozark has a big opening. Unfortunately. The first episode bites off more than it can chew and almost appears as a new Breaking Bad, darker and grimmer. As the season moves forward the initial excitement hands off to bore and the premature comparison to Vince Gilligan‘s huge success turns out to be a great hazard. The hodgepodge screenplay struggles to combine too many elements: narcotraffic, money laundry, marry life drama, teen annoyance, cops and criminals private lifes and the stereotypical midwest countryside – elements put together by chance in a swollen time-lapse. Theese ingredients lead to meaningless, incongrous and dumb sequnces tossed in the pile. After a few episodes keeping watching the show becomes pretty difficult and holding on until the end of the season turns into a fight against boredom, hoping the next episode will be better somehow. Hoping against hope. The eighth episode reaches the top of nonsense trying in vain to give a historic background. Here takes place a seamless mix of present and several pasts – whose majority is worthless to the story-telling – cobbled together by a contradictory editing. The only result is a muddle state in witch the audience will bump into the last two, dull, episodes with their clumsy attempt to insert some naive twists.


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